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    Elevate your Baggage handling system to a new altitude

    Join us at the 91st annual AAAE Conference & Exposition. We will be at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center with the latest drive solutions for baggage handling services.

    Visit Booth 332 to speak with industry experts while checking out our newest products and services. NORD has developed conveyor systems for regional and international airports including:

    • Airport baggage conveyors
    • Inclined claim conveyors
    • Queue conveyors

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    Product portfolio supplement for drive electronics

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    Cost savings through an optimized drive solution

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    2-Stage Helical-Bevel

    Efficient and flexible alternative to worm gearing

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    Decentralized and control cabinet technology for your application              

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    NORDAC® LINK  Field Distribution System as frequency inverter and motor starter

    Intralogistics and conveyor technology require drive solutions which can be simply installed and are easily accessible during operation and if maintenance is required. The NORDAC LINK Field Distribution System supplements the NORD DRIVESYSTEMS product range with frequency inverters and motor starters for flexible, decentralized installation in the field.

    • Flexible configuration and function - freely configurable according to requirements and the application.
    • Available as frequency inverters (up to 10 HP) and motor starters (up to 5 HP)
    • Fast commissioning due to simple operation
    • Simple and reliable plug-in capability
    • Simplified system maintenance due to integrated maintenance switch and local manual control facility
    • Can be integrated into all common bus systems




    Cost savings through reduction of geared motor versions

    LOGIDRIVE is an energy efficient, maintenance-friendly and standardized solution for intralogistics and airport applications. The solution consists of an efficient gearbox, IE4 permanent magnet synchronous motor and a decentralized variable frequency drive. Gear unit standardization minimizes the number of geared motor versions required for the task, achieving considerable savings for spare part stocks. The variable frequency drive and IE4 motor support large speed ranges through a single gearbox & motor combination. Installation of the NORDAC LINK field distributor close to the motor, in combination with the decentralized drive with plug & play technology make installation and maintenance a breeze. Efficient operation at partial load and low speeds make this the ideal solution for high-volume intralogistics systems.

    2-Stage Helical-Bevel

    NORD two-stage bevels have an aluminum housing with high strength-to-weight ratios featuring an efficient operation in a modular design. Two housing styles (open and closed) along with flexible input and output configurations ensure complete application and environmental versatility. 

    It is easy to replace an industry standard worm unit with the highly efficient and cost effective 2-stage helical bevel gear units by ordering NORD’s industry interchange footplate and universal shaft. The footplate is available with either threaded or through holes and has an optional extended shaft to best suite all standard worm mounting situations.

    The universal shaft can be used on either the A side or B side and is dimensionally the same as industry standard worms. When compared to single worm units on the market, NORD’s 2-stage bevel drives have several other advantages such as a wide range of available ratios, a UNICASE™, quiet, leak-free housing design, and wear-free infinite life gearing.

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