SIM 2020
Exposure of the Congress of the Society of the mineral industry

The conference and exhibition of the SIM brings together makers of professionals in the extractive industry in a friendly atmosphere from October, 7 to 9 in Angers, France.

We look forward to seeing you at the SIM 2018 at booth E43.

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Helical Bevels

Energy efficient right angle solution

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Industrial Gear Units MAXXDRIVETM

Industrial gear units up to 250 kNm. Special extruder flanges available

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Service and emergency delivery through fast assembly

Repair or replacement of our products – You can rely on us if a repair is necessary. All over the world and at any time.

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Now with new name concept: The NORDAC FAMILY

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Total Cost of Ownership

Quick break-even-point: Realize cost savings over the runtime

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Right Angle Helical Bevels

NORD Right-Angle Helical Bevel gearmotors feature a UNICASE housing, infinite life gearing, high permissible radial forces and minimum backlash in an efficient, space saving design. Modular design and industry leading ratio offering make the helical bevel adaptable to countless applications.


  • High gear efficiency contributes to reduced operating costs
  • High quality helical and bevel gearing deliver quiet, trouble free transmission of torque
  • Shrink Disc and Gripmaxx keyless hollow shaft solutions available
  • Torsionally rigid UNICASE housing
  • High Radial load capacity
  • Application specific design solutions available




Industrial gear units MAXXDRIVETM – new sizes and extruder flange

Two new sizes now supplement the successful NORD industrial gear unit series. With rated torques of 15 kNm and 20 kNm, NORD expands its existing product range and now offers suitable solutions from 15 to 250 kNm. All options of the previous range are available for these types as well. This allows these gear units to be used flexibly in many applications.

As part of our modular system, there is a new option consisting of an extruder flange that is available for rated torques of 15 kNm to 80 kNm. Due to generously dimensioned thrust bearings, safe absorption of extruder process forces can be ensured. This option can be individually tailored to the customer's shaft and can be optimally adapted to the customer's requirements by means of various bearing variants.

Thanks to their wide range of options for drive and driven shafts, mounting, seals, and thermal monitoring, NORD industrial gear units provide a high level of flexibility in design.

Service and emergency delivery through fast assembly

Repair or replacement of our products

  • Diagnosis of causes for NORD product faults in case of system malfunctions
  • Expert repair or replacement of defective drives
  • Error analysis by way of remote support
  • Short repair times up to instant repair
    • by our own decentralised service partners
    • by our own worldwide service workshops
  • Exclusive use of genuine parts
  • Latest spare parts at all times without capital commitment
  • Selecting and searching for spare parts is unnecessary
  • Product optimisation by way of software updates

For our customers, this means:

  • Access to manufacturer knowledge for efficient diagnosis
  • We are reliable, fast and efficient, and for this reason more cost-effective than an employee with less routine.

NORDAC FAMILY  with new name concept


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

IE4 synchronous motors reveal their full potential in applications with a partial load range and low speed ranges. Baggage handling systems can save a significant amount of money using IE4 synchronous motors.
IE4 synchronous motors achieve high cost reductions over their entire service life and a quick break-even point with just a small additional investment.