PACK EXPO 2019 
    meet with nord to learn why packaging professionals prefer our drive solutions.

    NORD's  modular design provides customers with complete freedom to specify a drive solution that’s perfect for the job. We invite you to visit us at booth LS-6286 to see our line of intelligent drive solutions for the packaging industry!
    We look forward to seeing you at PACK EXPO, September 23-25 in Las Vegas!

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    Cost savings through an optimized drive solution

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    Access BT2 231x231

    NORDAC BT Access

    Bluetooth stick lets you monitor any NORD drive from your phone

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    2-stage Helical Bevel 

    Efficient and flexible alternative to worm gearing

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    nsd tupH™ Surface Treatment

    The alternative for stainless steel 

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    Quiet and reliable performance

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    Helical Worm Gears

    High performance, lightweight and versatile

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    Cost savings through optimized packaged solution

    LogiDrive™ is an energy efficient and maintenance-friendly solution consisting of an efficient gearbox, IE4 permanent magnet synchronous motor and decentralized variable frequency drive. Gear unit standardization and spare part reduction are easily achieved without sacrificing your ability to obtain modular replacements.  Variable frequency drive and IE4 motor support large speed ranges through single gearbox & motor combination.  Decentralized drive with plug & play technology make installation and maintenance a breeze.  Efficient operation at partial load and low speeds make this the ideal solution for high-volume warehousing and packaging systems.




    NORDAC BT Access

    The NORDAC ACCESS BT is a Bluetooth stick that is used directly with the frequency inverter - this ensures convenient mobile access to the drive data while at the same time full access control. The NORDAC ACCESS BT can be used to save parameter data without using the app. Using the Stick, users can transfer parameters from one frequency inverter to another. Parameter transfer between a drive and a PC is also possible.

    • Dashboard-based visualization for drive monitoring and fault diagnosis
    • Parameterization with help function and parameter quick access
    • Oscilloscope function for drive analysis individually configurable
    • Backup and recovery function for easy handling of drive parameters

    Access BT

    Two-stage helical bevel


    NORD two-stage bevels feature efficient operation in a modular design.  Two housing styles (open and closed) along with flexible input and output configurations ensure complete application and environmental versatility.  Foot or flange mounting with hollow or solid shaft designs available.




    Product-Banner-nsd tupH_440x147

    Sealed Surface Conversion System - The alternative to stainless steel


    NORD provides an alternative to stainless steel geared motors at a fraction of the price. NORD’s molecular conversion of aluminum alloy provides drive equipment with all the protection food and beverage applications demand. The nsd tupH™ surface conversion consists of an extremely corrosion resistant and strong base layer (seven times harder than standard aluminum alloy) that is sealed for corrosion protection and routine cleaning. This solution is ideal for harsh environments involving chemicals or wash-downs, and where sanitation and cleanliness are the highest priority. 

    NORDBLOC.1 inline: An Efficient Solution

    Quiet, reliable performance, and versatility are the characteristics of the NORDBLOC.1. Now available in three larger sizes!


    • High strength housing
    • Quiet operation
    • Long service life due to reinforced bearings
    • High output torque
    • Greater reliability with low maintenance requirements
    • Corrosion resistant aluminium alloy housing
    • High radial and axial load bearing capacity
    • High efficient, infinite life gearing


    SK 02040.1 Helical Worm

    The new SK 02040.1 helical worm features a die-cast aluminum housing, which guarantees maximum strength and rigidity with low weight. It has a wide power range from 0.16 to 1.5 HP and an output torque of up to 885 lb-in. The wide range of speed ratios (from 5.37:1 up to 330:1) enables optimum adaptation to the customer's requirements. The motor can be mounted directly without a coupling or via an adapter (IEC or NEMA)..


    • Quiet and reliable transmission of torque
    • High overload capacity
    • Hardened steel worm gear and bronze alloy worm wheel provide exceptional durability and long service life.
    • Optional heavy duty bearings deliver high radial and axial load capacity
    • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy housing (SK02040.1)
    • High strength cast iron housing (SK02050 - SK43125)