Nordbloc.1- gears
    A clean solution

    Quietness, performance, reliability and cleanliness are the characteristics of the new NORDBLOC.1.

    These innovative and patented gear units do not have joints or openings and their smooth surface prevent liquids and solids from collecting on them.

    This increases strength and ensures a smoother surface.

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    • High strength, torsionally rigid housing
    • Quiet operation
    • Long service life due to reinforced bearings
    • High output torque
    • Greater reliability with low maintenance requirements
    • Hygenic friendly, corrosion resistant aluminium alloy housing
    • High radial und axial load bearing capacity
    • High efficent, infinite life gearing
    • Available with smooth body motor
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    Foot-mounted housing with B14 flange and integral motor

    Flange-mounted housing with B14 flange and integral smooth body motor

    Flange-mounted housing with B5 Flange and integral motor

    • Power range: 0.12 - 7.50 kW / 0.16 - 10 hp
    • Torque: 28.00 - 280.00 Nm / 248 - 2479 Ib-in
    • Input Options: Integral motors, NEMA and IEC
    • Optional nsd tupH Sealed Surface Conversion System







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    UNICASE housing™

    • Corrosion resistant, lightweight aluminum alloy
    • Precision machined in one step
    • Bearing and seal seats contained within the casting
    • Precise alignment of shafts and gearing
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    High Quality Gearing

    • Designed and manufactured up to AGMA class 13
    • Gears hardened using NORD’s state-of-the-art equipment
    • High momentary overload capacity
    • Case-hardened steel
    • Minimum gear tooth hardness: 58 Rockwell C/720HV
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    Shaft data

    • Alternative shaft materials available
    • Metric and imperial key dimensions offered
    • Customer and application specific shaft design available
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    • Large output bearings
    • High radial and axial loads possible
    • Optional heavy duty output bearings available
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    • Non-positive and positive transmission of torques
    • Reversible operation


    Product options



    • Motor: 0.16-10.0 HP / 0.12-7.5 kW
    • Integrak motor
    • NEMA adapters:    56C - 210TC
    • IEC adapters:       IEC 63 - IEC 132
    • Custom motor mounting solutions


    • Supplied as standard with ISO VG220
      mineral oil
    • Optional food grade or synthetic oil
    • Supplied with drain plugs and optional
      oil sight glass

    Shaft Seal

    • NBR shaft seals
    • Optional with FKM seals
    • Optional double shaft seals

    Environment protection

    • High strength, corrosion resistant
      aluminum alloy housing is standard
    • Paint Coating solutions available for harsher environments
    • Stainless Steel Shafts available
    • Optional nsd tupH Sealed Surface
      Conversion System

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    • Highly reliable drive solution
    • Cost-effective, complete drive package from a single source
    • High starting torques
    • Smooth start
    • Wall-mounted and motor-mounted converters
    • High axial and radial load bearing capacity
    • Wide speed range
    • Available with NEMA output flanges


    • Cost-effective, complete drive solution from a single source
    • Easy-to-clean, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy housing
    • Cool running
    • Wide speed range
    • Versatile mounting solutions
    • Available with NEMA output flanges
    • High radial and axial load bearing capacity

    Product configuratorAny questions? Contact us