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    Cost savings through green energy saving motors

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    Mobile commissioning and service solution

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    Energy Efficient Drives

    Energy consumption of electric drive units

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    Networked maintenance concepts

    Frequency inverters for operating synchronous and asynchronous motors

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    Cost savings through reduction of geared motor versions

    LOGIDRIVE is an energy efficient, maintenance-friendly and standardized solution for intralogistics and airport applications. The solution consists of an efficient gearbox, IE4 permanent magnet synchronous motor and a decentralized variable frequency drive. Gear unit standardization minimizes the number of geared motor versions required for the task, achieving considerable savings for spare part stocks. The variable frequency drive and IE4 motor support large speed ranges through a single gearbox & motor combination. Installation of the NORDAC LINK field distributor close to the motor, in combination with the decentralized drive with plug & play technology make installation and maintenance a breeze. Efficient operation at partial load and low speeds make this the ideal solution for high-volume intralogistics systems.



    Mobile commissioning and service solution for all NORD drives

    • Dashboard-based visualisation for drive monitoring and fault diagnosis
    • Parameterisation with help function and rapid access to parameters
    • Individually configurable oscilloscope function for drive analysis
    • Backup and recovery function for simple handling of drive parameters


    Energy Efficient Drives

    In industrial applications, electric drive units are responsible for between 30% and 40% of all electrical energy generated. Optimisation of efficiency for the entire drive system including the application/process is a significant factor – the potential is typically about 30% to 60%.

    IE4 Synchronous smooth motors

    NORD DRIVESYSTEMS builds energy-saving smooth motors with and without brakes. The use of NORD energy-saving motors with considerably higher efficiencies allows you to reduce operating costs.

    Advantages of NORD smooth motors

    • Smooth surfaces, especially suitable for applications in the food and beverage industry
    • IE3/IE4 motors have a greater efficiency than the previous EFF2 motors
    • IE3/IE4 motors produce less waste heat
    • IE3/IE4 motors have a longer service life than previously common motors
    • IE3/IE4 motors contribute to reducing operating cost

    Features of NORD smooth motors

    • Die cast aluminium (smooth motors)
    • NORD IE2/IE3/IE4 motors have an "extended operating range", which means that no safety reserves, or lower safety reserves need to be taken into account for the design of the drive unit

    IE4 PMSM motors

    • Operate with high efficiency even with low loads and speeds and are therefore ideal for fluctuating loads due to different products or batch sizes
    • High energy density = smaller drive units
    • High efficiency means low losses, which results in less heat production
    • Easy to clean thanks to smooth housing designed for optimum run-off

    Networked maintenance concepts: predictive maintenance, condition monitoring

    NORD offers innovative predictive maintenance concepts especially for heavy industrial gear units. Via the frequency inverter, networked NORD drive units communicate their status data via the control system or communicate directly into a secure Cloud.

    With optional vibration monitoring, condition changes can be detected at an early stage and predictive maintenance can be scheduled in good time. Recording of the performance data also ensures optimal dimensioning of the system as well as continuous condition monitoring of the drives.